Saturday, August 15, 2009

Three photos of the day : Falling in love...

Models: Miss B. and Miss J., Film: Ilford B/W 400
Style: ( Editorial Fashion Portrait + Sensual Nude Prtrait ) / 2

falling in love
doesn't start with understanding
it doesn't end with happiness
it doesn't promise longevity
it doesn't constitute balance
it doesn't make any sense
it doesn't bring calm
it doesn't paint the sky in rainbow
it doesn't award you sympathy
it doesn't mean much to anybody else
it doesn't curve the time in your favour
it doesn't cool off the fire in hell
it doesn't stop pain of growing
it doesn't reflect moon in your palm
it doesn't shine like sun in your eyes
it doesn't whisper poetry in your ears
it doesn't swim in the lake of hope
it doesn't run along side wild horses, to continue life
it doesn't fly over the valley of despair with eagles
it doesn't climb the mountain of difficulties with the help of gods
it doesn't free fall like a careless water fall to discover new meanings
it doesn't begin when you want it to
it doesn't present you with pleasure when it is supposed to
it doesn't help you to become a better being
it doesn't stop you of making mistakes
falling in love...
it doesn't follow your wishes, orders and commands
and it doesn't end
just because you want it to
LA, Las Vegas, Phoenix, NYC
волк189 фотография
портрет, чувственный, изобразительное искусство

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Tanya said...

lovely dear Wolf!