Tuesday, August 4, 2009

a romantic nude conversational portrait

Film: Ilford Delta 400, Model: Miss A.R.
Style: sensual / romantic nude portrait
she said I love your art
I said what art?
she said let's not kid ourselves
I said let the records indicate the truth
she said photograph me
I said do you love me?
she said a decent heart shouldn't be fatalistic
I said you sweet little thing
she said I'd remember you forever
I said forever is the time of a blink, divided to zero
she said NO
I said do you mean N.ever O.k?
she said you hurt me
I said I don't mean to
she said feel the sensation of my skin
I said I am living it
she said I'll keep it all inside
I said you would be stealing my space
she said face to face
I said distill me into a song
she said you devastate me
I said I am devastated naturally
she said this multileveld enigma ends to nowhere
I said I know, join me?
she said introduce me to you
I said I am you
she said you criticize my fear
I said peel this surface, you would see
she said let's rebel with me
I said there is not much protest left in me
she said I am you?
I said you were...not anymore, you are better than me
she said are you pulling a "it's not you, it's me"?
I said I told you, "you are better than me"
she said you give me a headache
I said anything is better than a heartache
she said can't you be just a happy bubble head?
I said can't you see that I am not much more?
she said I have to say goodbye
I said you said goodbye before ever saying hello
she said I don't get you
I said maybe because you read too much into it
she said you murder English with your so called poetry
I said I am a serial killer that way
she said you think you are better than others
I said stop flattering me
she said you are too much
I said full of myself?
she said do you remember that rainy night when love was in the air?
I couldn't say anything, anymore
.... and I cried, secretly.
LA, Las Vegas, Phoenix, NYC
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портрет, чувственный, изобразительное искусство


Varvara said...

I must have read it a hundreed times. And saved it in my notebook, so I can read it again later.

Wolf189 Photography said...

I miss our chats dear Vavara and that means a lot coming from you :)