Sunday, August 16, 2009

A nude portrait of a 19 year old Russian model is not the right match for a war story...

Oil painting on canvas
Style: Surrealistic Realism
was it hot?
it was hot
but it was getting cooler
just a little bit cooler
he was lying down
in the corner of his little sand made house
in his dirty military uniform
sporting his dusty beard
holding on to a 20 year old Kalashnikov
pressing it tightly to his chest
just like his life was relying on it
was his life relying on it?
yes it was...all of its 24 years of it and the potential years to come
but there were no guarantees
that it (the old Kalashnikov) can actually save his life
the night was almost there
well he was hoping for that anyway
so he could hide out for few hours and then walk back to somewhere safe
somewhere a bit more familiar
"how did I lose everybody?", he asked himself....or he must have
and he thought
"I hope she gets along with my mothe..."
the explosion was deafening
I looked up after the moment was settled
I could see him
I could see his legs, still in his boots
but now 10-15 meters apart from his body
and their distance could've been
10,000 kilometer
it wouldn't have made any difference anyway
he must have been screaming
but I couldn't hear anything
passing out
he was drowned in his jello like dried blood, tears and sweats
looking over the heel
a single happy tree in the quiet horizon
in a landscape all resembling a nameless single color
a dark bird flew away over my head
and all I could hear was
LA, Las Vegas, Phoenix, NYC
волк189 фотография
портрет, чувственный, изобразительное искусство