Saturday, August 29, 2009

Photo of the day : one hour of red hair, red lips & green eyes

Model: Miss A., Film: Provia 400
Style: Editorial Fashion Portrait
I am not excusing myself from this
let me truly see
who you are
who I am
if you care
if I care
is this killing us?
that you are an angel
if angels could exist
and I am blended in the gray area
which it does exist
I have been thinking about you
for 16 years
maybe all my life
maybe just a day
I am an ethical beast
with no reflections in your eyes
as the result of my ethics
prevent me of existing beyond them
how mediocre
I do not want to abandon you
I simply want to be with you
for an hour
as myself
with no care
how impossible
who would enjoy these complexes?
polishing and polishing
these masks
with titles on them
so people can name you
recognize you
brand you
categorize you
I don't recall her hair color anymore
nor her eyes
nor her lips
nor her touch
nor her taste
I can pretend to
and I can cater to the illusion
I miss your red hair
your red lips
your green eyes
I miss your brown hair
your pink lips
your hazel eyes
give my wings back
my desirable
for one last hour

Los Angeles, Las Vegas, Phoenix, NYC
волк189 фотография
портрет, чувственный, изобразительное искусство


Uncle Allan said...

Those colours are amazing! That green background against her red hair is just perfect. Great captured

Varvara said...

I didn't know you could write such a beautiful poetry. I should have, though - you are a beautiful person.

Tanya said...

this "I am an ethical beast
with no reflections in your eyes
as the result of my ethics" peaks my curiosity for sure...,