Friday, June 20, 2008

Those special moments

There are moments that can set the whole mood during a session...moments of honesty, clarity, connection and inspiration.

There were more than few of those moments during my session with charming and beautiful Tanya ( ), a model, a photographer and a cook, which resulted in a very pleasant experience.

Thank you dear Tanya for the great photo session.

Model: Miss Tanya D., Films: Ilford B/W 400, Kodak B/W 400, Kodak Portra 160NC




Tanya said...

thank you kindly for the compliment of a blog entry. Again you are amazing and left me with even higher standards now, even at the tail end of my modeling.

" haven't come across many people who, sensuality becomes them, as graceful as it does to you"
is the nicest well put compliment i have ever been given.

Just keep doing what your doing because it WORKS!


Wolf189 Photography said...

Dear Tanya

It's my pleasure.

....and thank you very kindly.