Sunday, November 1, 2009

Two photos of the day : a road to those eyes

Model: Miss J., Films: Ilford 400, Fuji PRO 160
Style: Editorial Fashion Portrait
there is a road to those eyes
there is a sense of depth
there is a feeling of detachment
and yet a potential harmony
there is her pulse, her shattered skin, her beautiful imagination
there is her pain
there is a moment that nothing else matters but her presence
there is a story written in the small of her back
there is a story in the taste of the sign hidden behind her ear
there is her, in a freezing night filling time with memories
or illusions, or with strangers with empty eyes
there is she, walking tall, painting the walls of hell
with colors of hope
one inch at a time
there is her smell..a scent of reality, wet skin, explosion of desire
there is her, the mysterious yet open silhouette
capturing my imaginations
so effortlessly
Los Angeles, Las Vegas, Phoenix, NYC
волк189 фотография
портрет, чувственный, изобразительное искусство
PS. I am against smoking.


April said...

Gasp... So Beautiful

Varvara said...

...painting the walls of hell
with colors of hope
one inch at a time

that's beautiful

Tanya said...

i love this title too!

Anna said...

this is so amazing.