Monday, September 7, 2009

Video of the day : an afternoon love poem

Model: Miss V., Films: Ilford B/W 100 and 400

Style: ( Editorial Fashion + Sensual Subtle Erotica + Nude ) portraits





fall down darling

into my arms

fear not

there won't be any tomorrows left


allow me to become one

with yours

as if

you and me and those shadows

have nowhere else to go

let me

to bleed at your feet

burn in your eyes

and breathe your existence

just like this

afternoon love poem

Los Angeles, Las Vegas, Phoenix, NYC
волк189 фотография
портрет, чувственный, изобразительное искусство
PS. I don't own the copyright of accompanied music....if you are aware of the composer of this piece please let me know. I will update the video as soon as I have written a simple music for it.

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