Tuesday, September 1, 2009

Photo of the day : a confusing story

Models: Miss B., Miss J., Film: Fuji 400
Style: Editorial Fashion + sensual surrealistic realistic portrait
Man: the old man
the very old man
was standing on this hill
looking down
to the pack of teeth
which were running towards him
oh so rapidly
and then he opened his wings...
Little Boy: [interrupting] The old man had wings dad?!
Man: Who are you little boy? I have no Son!
Voice #1: Why such attitude Man?! Can't you play along and not break his little heart?
Voice #2: Hey you voice#1!...who are you to tell him what to do?!
Voice #3: I was trying to enjoy the story...
Man: Who are you people?! I was just recording my story on the tape. why can't I see you?
Voice #4: Next thing he is gong to think he has schizophrenia! ha!
Voice #1: Voice #2...did you hear that too? Sounds like there is a Voice #4 here!
Voice #2: Yes yes...and why Voice #3 is so quiet all of a sudden.
Man: All of you! shut up! I mean it.
Voice #Stadium: [loudly] We all agree with the Man.
Man: [frightened] This is all just a nightmare.
God: If you guys don't stop it right now, I have to order an Apocalypse!
Satan: God! You just can't do that! No matter how much you hate me it's so last minute.
I am just not prepared for that many people!
God: Satan...hate? I love you my little fiery brother! you are my bread and butter.
Satan: Awwww! Really?! [pronouncing it one by one, slowly] X O X O
Man: [whispering] this is not happening!
Little Boy: but I want to hear the rest of the story Dad!
Voice #3: So do I!
Man: [frustrated] Little boy! I am not your Dad! Sorry!
Voice #4: Can't we all just vote...like a democratic gathering?
Voice #2: Voice#1! are you here? existence of Vice#4 is just freaking me out!
Voice #1: Tell me about it!
Voice#stadium: We vote for the story! that would be 106,599 votes!
God: You people, voices and beasts...this is not a democracy! It's a theocracy and I rule!
and today I am just too tired to do a full scale Armageddon...
Fine! Listen to your damn story! oh! Lord ! I mean "me" sorry for the language!
awww I forgive myself. awww I am so damn cute which must be a fact since I said it so.
did I say damn again?! damn!........oh no!
A Las Vegas Stripper: [loud and cheery] What's going on here?!
Man, little boy, voice #1, voice #2, voice #3, voice #4, voice #stadium, God and Satan: Nothing!!


Los Angeles, Las Vegas, Phoenix, NYC
волк189 фотография
портрет, чувственный, изобразительное искусство

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