Tuesday, May 5, 2009

Three photos of the day : she was more than her skin

Model: Miss S., Films: Ilford B/W 400
Style: Subtle Erotica meet editorial fashion
playing chess
kissing lips
a roll of film, no hundreds
touching souls within
humid air of Shanghai
a cold night in Berlin
a love story in Paris
smell of ocean in Mazatlan
walking and walking
thinking and thinking
looking and looking
living and living
taste of sands in Jeddah
sounds of music in Singapore
belly dancers in Istanbul
white balloons in Amsterdam
soldiers in blood
parents in fear
broken houses
unmended hearts
girls behind windows in Hamburg
traffic jams in Tehran
hot shawarmas in Dubai
rave parties in Toronto
the colors scream
the tastes attack
the senses are sharpened
the eyes are widened
the wheels are turning and turning
and the ghosts of past just standing
and looking
in a space which has no name
nor time
and all is left to do
is to be for them
until no more
Los Angeles, Las Vegas, Phoenix, New York City


Enrique said...

so, some photographers i've asked say that there is nothing that can be done on film that cant be done on digital, would you agree?

love your work

Wolf189 Photography said...

For the most part that is a true statement.

However I enjoy shooting film and the process, hence I don't see a reason to stop.

Thank you for the kind words.

Enrique said...

nice, thanks!