Monday, September 1, 2008

"Rock & Roll Oriental Style" in Michelle7

Model: Stella K. , Films: Kodak, Ilford, Fuji

"Rock & Roll Oriental Style" is a photo essay which is being exhibited in Michelle7 :

I shot this essay in a subtle erotic and portrait style photography few months back. It was a pleasure to work with Stella. The title was generated through this line from Stella's bio:
"I'm a rock'n'roll singer with an Ivy League degree who gets naked in front of a camera."

Las Vegas, Los Angeles, Phoenix, NYC


Tanya said...

i am seeing more and more Career professionals doing nude modeling.

makes you look at your co workers and such and wonder what they do in their down time.

Also I am increasingly being led and introduced to sites i had no idea existed like that Michelle7 one.
there's no telling where erotic/nude sets will show up these day's.
Congrats on your work being shown in one more community. I think your becoming a household name!

Uncle Allan said...

i love these "3 photos of the day". That means that there is new pictures to look at more often. Ha ha. They have all been great and it is a cool idea to do

Wolf189 Photography said...


That is very's happening all over the map. Great observation.

Thank you very much dear Tanya. :)

Wolf189 Photography said...

uncle allan

Thank you very much.

I thought they might convey a bit more story and mood of each session instead of posting just a single image.