Friday, August 29, 2008

Three photos of the day: Gold Coast

Model: Katisha, Make Up Artist: Alison, Film: Ilford B/W 400
Styling: Wolf189

These shots were taken about two years ago in the Gold Coast Hotel.

I did four short sessions with Katisha during those three days, one after another. We covered a lot of ground from commercial style photography to editorial fashion, portrait, life style, subtle erotic and experimental/abstract fine art work...and I really enjoy working like that...shooting 2 rolls in one style and immediately starting to shoot additional rolls in a very different style ( consciously )...all being improvised based on the mood, light, connection etc.

I'll come back to these sessions in near future.


Las Vegas, Los Angeles, Phoenix, New York City


Tanya said...

that last one is such a signature shot of yours!

Wolf189 Photography said...

Thank you Tanya...I like those angles...something about using locations' geometric in compositions which attracts me a lot.