Sunday, August 10, 2008

Photography News

Above: Nude portrait of Jessalyn, published in carrie leigh's Nude Magazine
Bottom: Christina US & World Amateur boxing champion in Las Vegas Life Magazine

I decided to create a News page in my website sometime ago but never, till recently, I actually tried to update it or organize it.

The page is still not very polished nor organized but at least I have started to work on it.

It includes some of the published works as well as past exhibitions...and it is a work in progress:

I hope you enjoy it.


Las Vegas, Los Angeles, Phoenix, NYC


Tanya said...

Wow you have had a lot published. I'm sure you will find the time to get that page where you want it, after all you don't sleep!

Wolf189 Photography said...

Oh I am trying. :)

I have lost so much of my early works forever...specially in journalism field and such.

Thank you for the note dear Tanya. :)