Wednesday, July 9, 2008

Few interesting facts about Pentagon

Airshow, Film: Fuji color 400

"since 2004, the Pentagon has spent roughly $16 billion annually to maintain and modernize the military's business system, but most are as unreliable as ever-even as the surge in defense spending is creating more room for error. "

"for the first three quarters of 2007, $1.1 trillion in army accounting entries hadn't been properly reviewed or substantiated, according to the Department of Defense's inspector general."

"in 2006, $258.2 billion of recorded withdrawals and payments from the army's main account were unsupported."

"in 2000, a Pentagon inspector general finds $2.3 trillion in unsupported accounting entries on the Defense Department's books."

"Two South Carolina sisters who supplied small parts to the military bilked it of more than $20 million by charging wildly inflated shipping costs for low-priced items, like $998,798 for shipping two 19-cent washers to an army base in Texas. The scheme lasted six years before they were caught in 2006."


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Facts are borrowed from "The Pentagon's $1 TRILLION Problem" written by Scot Paltrow and published on May 2008 in Conde Nast Portfolio magazine.


Tanya said...

those images are pretty cool i love the one with the 2 ladies.

Wolf189 Photography said...

Thank you Tanya...glad that you are enjoying them. :)

administrator said...


I'm re-reading that last paragraph -
"six years"?!
Is that a typo?!


Wolf189 Photography said...

Sadly, based on the article, that is a "fact". (Page 125, May.08.Conde Nast Portfolio magazine)



casey--camp said...

That's scary. Informative... but scary. (Oh - I got my name corrected so I'm not appearing as "administrator" now. Sorry about that!)